Sign Petition to Remove Kerry Chant

We the people call on the Govt to do it duty and remove her from any nsw govt position due to her continuing illegal and treasonous actions harming the health & welfare of the NSW public. The lock-down and mask mandates she supports are illegal under Federal Legislation BiosecuritiesAct2015/61.

She has ignored all global advice from experts instead actively increasing the fear, anxiety and stress of the public, using the media to ramp up hysteria daily, using false statistics so her actions are supported by an irrational case-demic. Cases obtained using unreliable PCR tests as well as misdiagnosing common flu and reporting that as covid19. As a Health Advisor she should be aware of the Best Practice rule that in a pandemic, policy must be generated by verifiable deaths, to use case numbers is irresponsible leaving the public open to fraud as we see Chant has done here with this classic Case-demic gaslighting the people of NSW for her own agenda.

Let me be clear, her actions HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH.

Remove Australias Rogue Governments

The Australian people do not feel it's within our human rights and constitution act, bio-security act or Emergency response act to covid in all states and territories for the current Australian government or State and Territory premiers to be enforcing covid-19 vaccinations on any individual person whether they are essential workers who drive across boarders, Teachers, Nurses, Students, or any other Australian citizen. To coerce or offer extra freedoms to individuals who have the covid-19 vaccine is discrimination towards the rest of the Australian people. As Australians we have the right to decide if we wish to take any medical treatment or drug including the vaccine that you are forcefully trying to make people take. Unless you are going to issue individual orders made by a bio-security officer on each and every individual person you are insisting must have the vaccine. 


The Australian people no longer have confidence in the ability of the current prime minister Mr Scott Morrison, the premier's of each state or the Minister for health Greg Hunt to run our country and abide by our human rights. This Pandemic started over 18 months ago. In that time this federal government and state and territory governments have failed to flatten the curve within a 14 day period as we were told. They have failed to be 100% transparent to the Australian people regarding the number of deaths from the TGA DAEN page 459 people have died from the vaccine between 01-01-2021 and 14-08-2021. 

48,459 adverse reactions which have not in any way been reported to the Australian people on mainstream media despite each state doing press conferences every single day. Out of the 459 deaths only 4 have ever been reported by mainstream media. Currently the TGA DAEN page has been unavailable for the past 4 days further making the Australian people lose faith in our governments ability to run our country correctly in a way that does not divide the population into vaccinated and unvaccinated. Does not coerce, mandate, incentivise or bully the Australian people into having a vaccine that has no long-term evidence of the success of the vaccine. Has no requirement as the virus is here and obviously after 18 months it is not going away. 

The Australian people wish for a referendum to change our government and to remove certain bills the government is trying to pass giving the AFD the freedom to access the general publics phone, emails and social media accounts. This is a direct invasion of privacy as is mandatory vaccination for certain institutions and individuals. The Australian people do not give permission for the federal or state and territory governments to enforce any vaccine or pass any bill. We do not give permission to be divided into two groups where one group gets privileged incentives. We do not have a bio-security threat to Australia any more as the Australian government failed to protect its citizens. We no longer need to have state of emergency responses in  place as regardless of what amount of the population has the vaccine it is more than evident that the virus will simply continue to mutate into different variants and we will not continue to live our lives in fear of a virus that has a 99% survival rate. We will not allow the government to force medical procedures on the Australian people or coerce, incentivise or try to control OUR COUNTRY.  

We the Australian people wish for all restrictions, incentives, and threats to people's jobs to cease and desist immediately. We respectfully request that the govenor and govenor-general remove the current government from parliament to prevent any further harm being caused to the Australian people. We respectfully ask that the state of emergency for each state is removed and that the bio-security act not be used as the risk of contamination is well and truly passed its used by date.. The Australian people respectfully request a referendum to vote in a new government that respects our human rights and is hopefully more transparent with the true statistics of this virus. 

When the Australian population lose faith in the ability of the government to run our country in a way that is within our human rights. We respectfully demand a change as soon as possible. 

We respectfully request a review of all justice systems and federal court systems as well as all legislations and bills that we the people of Australia have not had transparently put before the population. We the people of Australia request a Royal commission into the conduct and behaviour of every police department in every state and territory of Australia and a Royal commission into the conduct and behaviour of the current Australian government , state and Territory governments. 

We the Australian people would like to see the governments held accountable for their gross misconduct of the power that was given to them at the last federal and state election. 

With rather annoyed regards 

The Australian people